Bizarre Laws in the State of California – Watch the Number of Sheep on Hollywood Blvd

Published: 22nd February 2010
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There are a number of bizarre laws in California. These strange laws are not used often and are rarely enforced, if ever, but are still on the books. When you are trying to win a lawsuit or a case in the State of California, it can often help to have knowledge of these strange laws.

One of the CA unknown laws is that you cannot herd more than 3000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at any one given time. This law obviously dates back some, but is still in effect today as it is still on the books.

Another of the California weird laws is that it is illegal to wiggle when dancing in the state. This is one of the bizarre laws in California, still on the books, that was put into law in 1925, obviously by a legislature that was very much against the looser morality of the roaring 20s.

If you find yourself in the city of San Francisco and decide to pick up and use confetti off of the street, do not do so. It is against the law. Yes, picking up and using confetti from the street is one of the strange laws in California that no one talks about but is still against the law. This is one of the strange laws that is a city ordinance.

Some of the bizarre laws in California are ordinances that were adopted many years ago and are still on the books, but not enforced. Some of the strange laws are actual law in the state. For example, the law that prohibits women from driving a car while dressed in a housecoat stems from the 1950s. A housecoat is another word for a robe and, like the housedress, is a garment that was worn by housewives. None of these terms are used much anymore, but the strange law is still in effect.

Bizarre laws in California vary from county to county and also encompass many cities. You never know when knowing about a bizarre law can help you win a case. Although these laws seem senseless and silly, they are still the law of the land and still can be used when defending a lawsuit or other type of case in the State of California.

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