Bizarre Laws of the United States: Pennsylvania

Published: 12th August 2009
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The world at large can be both strange and lovely at the same time. People interactions on a daily basis can ride both tides as well. Some of these encounters are made safer by the laws but in place to keep our towns, communities, and ourselves safe. Others seem to be there to show just how strange laws can really be!

Pennsylvania...home to great historical landmarks, a chocolate empire, and Amish country seems like an ideal setting for keeping a more normal standard. Think again! Even in the land of liberty, strange laws are still alive today.

Within this state of hard workers, a law exists that bans homemaking housewives from hiding dirt and dust under a rug within a dwelling. No short cuts allowed ladies and gents!

After a hard day's work, what better way to unwind than to take a nice hot shower. Just don't even think about singing in there because you will be breaking the law!

In Tarentum, horses are no longer allowed to be tied to parking meters. It seems that John Wayne wannabes were mucking up the sidewalk with their horse discards.

Or how about this specific little beauty in Ridley Park, you can not walk backwards eating peanuts in front of the Barnstormers Auditorium during a performance. If you have a craving for Mr. Peanut, you better wait until the final curtain falls!

Last but not least, for all of the aspiring beauty queens seeking residence in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, you will need to avoid going to that make-up counter at all costs. Now we all know natural beauty comes from within, but to keep this thought in the forefront of your mind, all women in this town need to have a permit to wear cosmetics; a rather interesting way to weed out the overly made up dolls in training.

Curious what other strange laws are out there? Research ones for your home state or hometown. You may find out that the street you walk your dog on only allows Fido to be on the left or perhaps your house color falls outside the approved spectrum...whatever is there, will surely be a surprise to many!

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