Bizarre Laws of the United States: The Sunshine State of Florida

Published: 14th November 2009
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Every year vacation time roles around leaving many with the travel bug. Whether it is spring, summer, winter, or fall, many destinations are considered. One such popular location in the United States is sunny Florida. White sand beaches, amusement destinations, gourmet dining...and don't forget a widespread love of strange laws.

As with most potential tourists, you probably never considered checking the various laws of the location you are planning to visit. It just doesn't make the "must do" list of most individuals. You may be surprised however just what activities are frowned upon or even considered illegal if you are participating.

In researching the strange laws within the state of Florida, one finds many associated to nudity or relationships...not too surprising since summer can be pretty hot and wild depending on your city of choice. Several random state wide laws prohibit committing any "unnatural act" with another person...what that act may be shall be left to the imagination. Unmarried couples are not permitted to commit lewd acts AND live together; looks as though this one is circumvented by the maintaining of a separate residence! Missionary position is the only option considered legal, while oral is illegal in any form.

A visit to Tampa, Florida, leads to the discovery of this strange law oxymoron. If a woman is engaging in "topless dancing", she is not permitted to expose her "top". See the contradiction? Also, patrons may pay for a lap dance, BUT they must be given at least six feet away. Again, there is the contradiction in the simple statement of the law.

On the lighter side, strange laws tend to crop up regarding houses too. In Seaside, all houses must have full-width, two-story porches as well as white picket fences. Can't you see Beaver Cleaver coming down the street now?

Daytona Beach even has a law in place to aid in a discontinuation of the breeding process for mosquitoes, making the act of owning a flower pot with inadequate draining capabilities a public nuisance.

So the next time you pack your bags, don't forget the swimsuit, the sunscreen, and your beach towel...just get all of your singing out before hitting the beach or you may be breaking a strange law unbeknownst to you!

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