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Published: 02nd March 2009
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If you have been unable to conceive through natural means, you do not have to give up your hope of having and raising a child. If you have ruled out the possibility of adopting, you still have an option. You may be a good candidate for in vitro fertilization.

The best way to look at this subject is to begin by knowing that your physician has your best interests in mind. You can rely on him or her for the best advice appropriate to your own particular situation. Your doctor will help to decide whether you are a good candidate for IVF.

Determining whether one is suitable for IVF involves a number of very important factors. The reason why it is necessary to be so thorough is to ensure the best chance of success, both for the recipient and the donor, as well as the future child.

Your physician will first determine that you actually are infertile. Prior to recommending in vitro fertilization, he needs to know that natural conception is either impossible or very unlikely, as well as knowing that there is not an underlying medical cause which could make pregnancy risky to you.

The best candidates for in vitro fertilization are women who are healthy and strong. Not only is this important in considering the effects of pregnancy, but also the care of a newborn. Although many older women successfully go through the process of IVF and resulting pregnancy with few complications, when advanced age is a factor it is wise for both the prospective recipient and her doctor to frankly discuss all of the possible risks before reaching a decision about IVF.

Candidates for in vitro fertilization must also be psychologically sound. As this process is not without stress, including the prospect of a new child, the woman who is planning to achieve pregnancy thorough IVF must be mature, responsible, and stable.

If the prospective recipient is married, her husband's basic health and psychological stability should also be taken into account. He, too, must be able to acknowledge that choosing IVF is not a personal failure, but simply a positive option.

When you have all of these points in mind, your physician can help you to decide if yo are a good candidate for in vitro fertilization.

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