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Published: 29th January 2010
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Childbirth statistics are interesting to researchers, the media, and the general public alike. Who had a baby, who is having one, and who has been assisted with in vitro fertilization (IVF), are facts about childbirth that nearly everyone wants to know.

It was not always this way. In the not-too-distant past, childbirth was a matter of secrecy. Even just a few decades ago, many women still adhered to the principle of "retiring from society" for the duration of their pregnancies. While childbirth was often accomplished at home, it was rarely talked about after the fact.

In recent years, a number of trends have begun. Many women have dismissed the medical atmosphere of hospitals, and chosen to give birth at birthing centers or in their own homes. Midwives, which were popular long ago, are again being the favored method of bringing babies into the world.

Childbirth amongst teenagers and single women has also been on the rise. As this has been considered a new lifestyle choice, it is accepted by much of the American public. One study has shown that one-third of teenage girls in the United States become pregnant prior to age twenty.

The trend toward a lower population growth has begun to reverse. Studies show that in 2006 there were more births in the United States than any other single year since 1961.

Unfortunately, there have also been negative trends. There has been an increase in low birth weight babies, cesarean section deliveries, and childbirths with labor being induced. In a recent year, more than 30 percent of births in the United States were by c-section.

In the United States, the maternal age for a first baby has been increasing. Although there has been a significant increase in childbirth amongst teenage girls, the average age for a first child is 25. In contrast, there has been an increase in women who delay having a baby until later in life. The oldest woman who gave birth was 66 years of age when her twin boys were born.

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