Did Comeback King, John Travolta, Get Hair Transplants?

Published: 05th June 2009
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John Travolta has probably enjoyed one of the longest and most interesting careers in Hollywood. Going from fame in the television program Welcome Back Kotter to starring in Saturday Night Fever boosted John Travolta as a sex symbol with startling blue eyes and thick, black hair. Although he faded into obscurity for some time, he made his first comeback in the film Look Who's Talking that showed his comedic side. Then, he once again reinvented himself in the successful Pulp Fiction. When he started to experience hair loss like many other men in midlife, the paparazzi, which are always on him like a swarm of locusts, took notice and eagerly printed photos of John Travolta with the hair loss.

It appears, looking at recent photos of John Travolta, that he has undergone hair transplants. No, he does not have the lush hair he had as Vinnie Barbarino, but he does have an attractive hairline, complete with a widow's peak, that is suitable for a man of his age.

Hair loss can be a blow to the self esteem for any man. In the case of celebrities, however, it can end up costing them jobs. Most of the balding celebrities are looking for ways to restore their hair. Hair transplants are a surgical way to harvest healthy hair follicles and insert them, one at a time, into the scalp. The procedure can be done in one session or may take a few, depending on the amount of hair loss. Doctors structure the donor hair follicles in such a way that the longer ones appear in the front with the shorter ones in the back. It looks completely natural and because they are using healthy cells, the new hair will actually begin to grow.

Although John Travolta has not admitted to hair transplants, photos of his hair loss as well as recent photos indicate that he might have undergone the procedure. Although the recent death of his son has derailed his career at the moment, most of his fans hope to see John Travolta on the screen again sometime soon, making yet another comeback.

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