Did Country Music Star Tim McGraw Get Hair Transplants?

Published: 05th June 2009
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Tim McGraw is a country music singer who has millions of fans and is married to singer Faith Hill. Although he frequently wears a hat onstage, photos of him taken without his hat revealed that he was losing his hair. New photos of Tim McGraw indicate that he has restored hair, most likely the result of hair transplants.

A great deal of those in the music and acting industry depend upon their appearance a great deal. The handsome son of the late baseball legend, Tug McGraw, Tim McGraw has a legion of female fans who adore his rugged good looks. When he began to show signs of hair loss, photos were splashed in tabloids that depicted this fact. Recently, however, Tim McGraw is sporting a new look that appears to be restored hair. Many believe that this is the result of hair transplants.

Forget what you think you know about hair transplants. This surgical procedure is a far cry from the hair plugs of a decade ago. New techniques, including harvesting healthy hair cells from follicles and transplanting them into the scalp with a fine needle, has made hair transplants the ideal choice for those who want restored hair. These follicles take root and actually start to grow after transplantation. While hair transplants may not be for everyone, they are ideal for those who are suffering from male pattern baldness, a condition that strikes millions of men.

Because people like Tim McGraw are in the spotlight, they need to take care of their appearance. Paparazzi are always looking for ways to point out the slightest flaw in a celebrity. This would be very disheartening for even an average person, but in industries that judge upon appearance, they can end up derailing a career. Tim McGraw is still at his prime with his music and most likely wants to continue entertaining crowds. Hair transplants give restored hair back to those who are losing it, and look completely natural.

Tim McGraw joins a list of many celebrities who have opted for getting restored hair through the use of what is most likely hair transplants. This is a savvy move on the part of anyone who wants to rebuild their confidence and, in the case of celebrities, keep their career running high.

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