Did Entourage Star Jeremy Pivens Get Hair Transplants?

Published: 05th June 2009
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One of the brightest stars of television is Jeremy Pivens, who is the star of the HBO program Entourage. The young actor appeared to be losing his hair in photos taken of him a few months ago, but today is sporting a new head of hair. This has led some to speculate that Jeremy Pivens got hair transplants to save his locks. A hair transplant implants healthy hair follicles into the balding area so that they will grow. It is a medical procedure that is ideal for many who are experiencing hair loss.

Hair loss can be difficult to face at any age, but even more so for a younger person. For an actor, like Jeremy Pivens, it can mean the difference between a role in a film or the unemployment line. It is no wonder that so many celebrities opt for hair transplants to save their hair - as well as their careers. Yet most tend to keep this as a secret - as if losing their hair is something that they can help, or only happens to a few people.

Millions of men and even women experience hair loss. This can start as early as the 20s in some people. It can take its toll on self confidence and, in the case of actors, can cost them roles. As actors depend on their appearance more than average people, they are more inclined to seek a hair transplant than others. Hair transplants, however, have come a long way in recent years and an increasing number of people, not just celebrities alone, are choosing to get a hair transplant to combat hair loss and restore their self confidence.

Although not everyone has to depend upon their looks for employment like Jeremy Pivens, having natural looking hair that will actually take root and grow is an option for many people who want to improve their self esteem as well as their appearance. When people look good, they feel good. Hair transplants can help those who are losing their hair gain back their confidence with hair restoration.

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