Did Matt Lauer Get Hair Transplants?

Published: 05th June 2009
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One of the most public of all hair transplants was those inflicted on Today Show host Matt Lauer. When it became apparent that Matt Lauer was losing his hair, photographs were taken of his balding spot in the back of his head. These were splashed all over the tabloids and the internet. There was full page spread about his hair follies, as they were called, as Matt Lauer continued to show up with hair, without hair, in a hat and now, finally, with growing hair. This leaves no doubt that the Today Show host had hair transplant surgery.

Matt Lauer is far from alone when it comes to hair transplants. Although his initial hair transplants were bad, his new hair transplants appear to be much more natural and are doing as they should, growing new hair on his head. In fact, Matt Lauer seems to be getting hairier as days progress. Unfortunately for him, he has a job that entails he be in the studio on a daily basis. While most stars who have had hair transplant surgery can hide out for weeks or months until the look is more natural, Matt Lauer did not have this luxury. His hair transplants, both bad and good, were played out for the world to see on a daily basis.

Refined methods of hair transplant surgery have made hair restoration look more natural. If done correctly, they can not only look natural, but also will allow for the transplanted hair to grow. This is done by transplanting healthy hair cells into the scalp and allowing them to take root. The healthy hair follicles are usually pulled from the back of the hair, although cloning hair is now on the horizon and may be an option for some in the future.

There is no doubt, judging by his daily appearances and hair look, that Matt Lauer has had hair transplant surgery. The main difference between his hair transplants as opposed to other stars is the fact that his hair problems were witnessed by everyone who watched the Today Show. Unlike the many other celebrities who had hair transplants, he did not have the luxury of hiding out until the new hair took hold.

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