Did Mel Gibson Get Hair Transplants? The Web Is Buzzing That He Did

Published: 05th June 2009
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Mel Gibson, the handsome Aussie actor who shot to fame with Mad Max and was known for his charming sense of humor has been under fire for several years for one thing or another. One of the latest questions people are asking about Mel Gibson is if he had hair transplants due to his hair loss. Mel Gibson, who appears to have enough on his plate with the various charges labeled against him for some of his views as well as his newly reported pending divorce, has not commented on getting hair transplants.

One of the things the tabloids like to do is to send out paparazzi to catch photos of stars looking their worst. Stars without makeup, with cellulite, who gained weight and who are experiencing hair loss are fodder for the tabloids. Mel Gibson has been the target of those who took pictures of his weight gain, his arrest for drunk driving and his hair loss.

Although some of his views have made him less than popular in Hollywood, he still has a considerable fan base, especially among women. His hair loss, therefore, could be the final nail in his career coffin. Whether or not he had hair transplants to cure his hair loss is up for grabs, although most would agree that it could not hurt his career.

Photos of Mel Gibson with hair loss appeared in tabloids. Recently, however, the star appears to have regained his hairline. Those who speculate on such matters feel that this is due to hair transplants. It appears, from the natural look of his hairline that matches his age, that he did undergo hair transplants, a surgical procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons. However, cosmetic surgeons to the stars are secretive about such procedures, and the National Enquirer does not have enough money to overcome laws preventing a violation of medical ethics for a doctor to reveal patient confidentiality, which is also protected by laws.

Judging from photos, it is easy to say that Mel Gibson had hair transplants. His hairline has improved in recent photos and he shows no sign of hair loss. And the mug shot aside, he is still considered to be a handsome actor.

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