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Published: 15th April 2009
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The singular underlining difference between Invisalign and traditional braces is that in Invisalign the treatment is cosmetic. The aligners that are used are completely transparent. The advantage of having a completely transparent is that it is difficult to discern the same with naked eye, which may become obvious in case of traditional wire and bracket braces. Being transparent, it has caught the fancy of the youth of today having the desire to have straight teeth but without support of a metallic brace visible. Other advantage of Invisalign is that they are more comfortable to wear than the normal metallic braces. As it can be removed with ease, it is relatively easy to consume food, while it is a complicated process in case of metallic braces.

From a clinical perspective advantage of aligners' lies in the fact that it does not have many side effects that a traditional fixed brace have, and it includes the effect on gums and the supporting tissues. Where fixed appliances exist, they have an effect on the roots of the teeth of the patient. In case of traditional braces tooth decay occurs in 50% of the cases accompanying demineralization, as once they are fixed they cannot be removed for eating and cleaning. Invisalign exerts less pressure per week and less pain than the fixed appliances. Fixed appliances need adjustment near about every six weeks.

Risks/Benefits of Invisalign
Advantage of aligners is that it takes less time to complete than traditional braces. It entails computerized treatment planning as a part of Invisalign protocol. Aligners are costlier than the traditional braces. For a person who is in the habit of continuous snacking removing the aligners every time and then again replacing them, becomes a cumbersome process.

The jury is still out about Invisalign being the better option than traditional braces. Most of the studies however have agreed to the fact that it is less time consuming than the traditional metal braces.

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