Dumb, Weird, and Funny Illinois Laws - Funny Legal Issues

Published: 06th June 2009
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Residents and visitors of Illinois may want to carefully check the laws. There are several weird, dumb, and funny laws you should be aware of before you find yourself in trouble with the law.

Possibly the dumbest law in the United States exists in Illinois. Speaking English is illegal. American is the officially recognized language.

One funny law regarding recreation in Illinois relates to fishing. It is illegal it fish in your pajamas in Chicago. You may want to put on jeans and t-shirt first.

A second weird law concerning recreation in Illinois is geared toward children. It is illegal to fly a kite in the city limits of Chicago. Don't go fly a kite in Chicago, do it somewhere else instead.

A dumb law for diners is in the City of Chicago. You may not eat in a place that is on fire. Just take your food outside instead.

A third dumb law about recreation in Illinois involves an indoor sport. In Evanston, bowling is illegal. Maybe it would be ok to fly that kite though.

If you want to change clothes in your car, be careful. You may not change clothes in an automobile with the curtains drawn, unless it is on fire in Evanston. Why would you change clothes in a car that is on fire?

Visitors to Illinois need to be cautious where they drive. It is illegal to drive through town in Crete. Perhaps you should park your car on the edge of town and walk through.

One funny law in Illinois relates to selling a wheelbarrow. Putting a for sale sign on a wheelbarrow that is chained to a tree is illegal in Des Plaines. Chain the wheelbarrow to the fence before you try to sell it.

Protesters in Illinois have dumb laws to adhere to as well. You may protest naked in front of city hall, as long as you are under seventeen and have the proper permits in Chicago. If you are protesting naked, where are you going to put your proof of age?

Business in Illinois should pay careful attention to this weird law. If you plan on entering into any contracts with the City of Chicago, you must first report any business dealings you had with slaves during the era of slavery. Check your records carefully!

If you plan on visiting Chicago, make sure you contact the authorities first. Entering the city in an automobile without alerting the authorities first is illegal. Just call ahead and everything will be all right.

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