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Published: 12th June 2009
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Some of the most recognized names in the legal profession are not real people. Hard to believe, but a number of the most recognizable names in law come from books, movies, and television, which just goes to show how much the media molds the perception of the legal field.

While what follows is by no means a complete list (that would take a long time), below is a list of some of the famous fictional lawyers that have graced the page, the big screen, or the small screen.

Vincent Gambini from "My Cousin Vinny"
Vincent "Vinny" Gambini (played by Joe Pesci) is the fish-out-of-water Brooklyn attorney who must try to defend his cousin and his cousin's friend in an Alabama murder case. The comedy comes from Vinny and his girlfriend, Mona Lisa Veto (Marisa Tomei), trying to maneuver their way through small town living while figuring out how to clear the names of two innocent kids.

Dan Fielding from "Night Court"
The lecherous Dan Fielding (played by John Larroquette) was one of the main reasons to watch the show "Night Court." His constant snark at the bench and his constant salaciousness wherever he went was always amusing and led to a number of Emmy nominations for Larroquette.

Atticus Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird"
If there was ever a moral compass in literature, it was Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prise-winning novel "To Kill a Mockingbird." Defending a black man during The Great Depression in Alabama, Atticus fights racism and intolerance while raising his two kids on his own. The film adaptation of the book features Gregory Peck in the role, which many agree he was born to play.

Lionel Hutz from "The Simpsons"
And we go from Atticus Finch's gravitas to the goofiness of another fictional lawyer, Lionel Hutz. Hutz was an ambulance chaser and all around shady figure who appeared numerous times on "The Simpsons." The character has not spoken a new line on the show since the late 90s as the creators of "The Simpsons" have retired the character out of respect to the late Phil Hartman, who voiced the character before his tragic passing.

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