From Joan to Mickey: Famous Facelifts in Hollywood - Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

Published: 13th June 2009
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Everyone wants to look their best at all times, especially when you're under the glaring spotlight of Hollywood. In this town, it seems that looks ARE everything, and as Hollywood's best begin to feel and show the natural effects of aging, they are constantly looking for ways to preserve their youthful appearance. One tried-and-true method for turning back the clock is facelift surgery. And whether they openly admit it or not, these celebrities have certainly paid a visit to the plastic surgeon to enhance their features.


The outspoken comedian/talk show host is the queen of plastic surgery, and she's not afraid to admit it! Joan has definitely experienced a facelift or two in her day to help keep Father Time at bay. Her latest book, Men are Stupid...And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery, was released in 2008.


Kenny Rogers is a face that's known around the world, and his facelift is helping to keep his youthful appearance recognizable as he gets older. The country music superstar has won numerous awards and sold over 120 million records, including such hits as "The Gambler," "Lucille," and "Coward of the Country."


Best known as the wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne has also turned back the clock with a facelift. Her beautiful features have been enhanced, and the results are stunning. She proudly shows off the great work of her plastic surgeon as a judge on the NBC hit show, America's Got Talent.


Actor Mickey Rourke has been known to take a hit to the face once in a while. Before focusing on acting, he enjoyed a career in the squared circle as a boxer. Much time in the ring and many bad decisions later, age was starting to take its toll on the actor. His facelift has rejuvenated his appearance, while his career does the same after a Golden Globe-winning performance in the movie, The Wrestler.


Even the "Fanilows" (the affectionate term for Barry Manilow's fanbase) can't deny the plastic surgery the popular crooner has undergone in order to relive his youthful years. The Vegas headliner, known for such hits as "Copacabana," "Mandy," and "I Write the Songs," is one of many in the music industry and Hollywood that found their "fountain of youth" in facelift surgery.

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