Is Custom LASIK a Better Choice Than Traditional LASIK?

Published: 15th June 2009
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There has been a lot of excitement surrounding custom LASIK using WaveFront technology. Unlike traditional LASIK, custom LASIK allows the surgeon to map the patient's cornea and produce a more customized surgical solution for their vision problems. How does custom LASIK compare to traditional LASIK?

Studies have consistently shown that custom LASIK procedures result in better visual acuity and better overall vision quality. One recent study followed the progress of 118 patients after they underwent custom LASIK with WaveFront technology. Of those 118, 72% came away with 20/20 or better vision. Six months post-surgery, 91% of the patients said that they had crisp, clear vision such as they hadn't experienced in years.

During a traditional LASIK procedure, a laser or a tiny blade is used to create a flap on the patient's cornea. The corneal flap is folded back, and a laser is used to reshape the deeper layers of corneal tissue beneath. Many structural aberrations can be corrected using this technique.

But custom LASIK uses digital mapping to give the surgeon an accurate picture of the patient's cornea and its specific defects. Studies have proven that custom LASIK is more effective for correcting severe vision impairments. Severe curves or ripples in the cornea that cannot be perfected through traditional LASIK tend to respond well to custom LASIK with WaveFront mapping. As an added bonus, many custom LASIK patients experience an improvement in their night vision following the procedure.

If you've got a moderate to severe corneal aberration, talk to your ophthalmologist about custom LASIK. They will be able to give you a thorough pre-screening to see if you're a good candidate for the procedure. This pre-screening can also reveal whether or not you're at risk of complications, such as blurry vision, following your LASIK surgery. Custom LASIK tends to be more expensive than its traditional counterpart, but patients who come away with crystal-clear vision feel that the reward was well worth the cost.

Finding a qualified eye surgeon is essential to achieving optimal LASIK laser eye surgery results. It is important to research your physician's credentials and ensure that he or she has the experience to perform your eye surgery procedure.

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