Is Plastic Surgery Safe or Unsafe?

Published: 01st April 2009
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Plastic surgery is neither always safe nor always unsafe. The safety of cosmetic surgery procedures depends on many factors, including who is doing the surgery, on whom it is being performed, and where it is being done. To avoid unsafe plastic surgery practices, consider all these factors.

The person who is doing your procedure should have a good deal of experience in doing safe plastic surgery in the past. Look for someone who has plastic surgery board certification. Check out the surgeon's services. Find out if services are being offered that have not received FDA approval of plastic surgery procedures.

Gather as much information as you can about your plastic surgeon before going forward with any cosmetic surgery procedures. A surgeon who is involved in some way with a hospital shows that he is accepted by the medical community. If your surgeon has a private practice, make sure that you research that practice carefully. Ask for references before you take the plunge.

Whether plastic surgery is safe or unsafe for you personally is another question. If you are pregnant, plastic surgery can be harmful to both you and your baby. People with preexisting medical conditions should be wary of surgeons who want to rush them into procedures without addressing those conditions.

For example, people with uncontrolled diabetes should not have plastic surgery unless their condition is resolved. Operating on a person who is having this kind of problems would amount to one of the many unsafe plastic surgery practices that are done by unqualified surgeons.

Where the cosmetic surgery procedures are done is another factor in safe plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can be done safely in a hospital where every kind of emergency backup is available in case of trouble. A surgeon's private surgical suite can also be a safe place for surgery, if it is kept up to high standards and emergency help is available there as well.

Someone who tries to do procedures in an ordinary office setting is just asking for problems. Liposuction complications are on the rise as unqualified practitioners treat this cosmetic surgery procedure as if it is not an important operation.

The surgeon, your own medical history, and the conditions where you will receive your cosmetic surgery procedures should tell you a lot about the safety involved. Decide to avoid surgeons who use unsafe plastic surgery practices. You will be much happier with the results.

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