Obesity Statistics in the United States - 2/3 of Americans are Obese

Published: 13th March 2009
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Obesity in the United States has increased within the last 20 years or more. The state of obesity is when your body carries more body fat than you should have. This condition is increasingly becoming a problem in the United States for people of all races and both genders.

In 2007, obesity statistics in the United States showed that among the 50 states, percentages showed that:

• In at least three states, obesity was at a percentage rate of more than 30%

• In 27 states, it was at a percentage rate of 25 - 29%

• In 20 states, it was at a percentage rate of 20 - 24%

• In one state, the percentage rate was 15 - 19%

Obesity statistics also showed that the condition was more prevalent in the South at 27.3%. The Midwest was next with a percentage rage of 26.5%. The lowest ones were in the Northeast and the West, which were 24.4% and 23.1%, respectively.

Obesity statistics showed that the rate for men was almost 2 percent more than women. Of course, regardless of gender, that doesn't make this condition any better for them to have.

A few years ago, obesity affecting children ages 6-19 was at least 16 percent. Of course that has increased since then. Even some those who were obese a few years ago have gotten even heavier. In addition to that, obesity statistics revealed that minorities (African-Americans and Hispanics in particular) had higher obesity rates than their Caucasian counterparts.

With these obesity statistics, you also have to take into account the risks to a person's health and the costs involved in dealing with this unhealthy condition.

The current obesity statistics in the Untied States show that obese people are more likely to have health issues than those who are not obese, which keeps them going to the doctor more often than they need to. The trend can be reversed by healthy eating and exercise.

There are numerous benefits of obesity surgery. Various types of weight loss of surgery, including gastric LAP BAND surgery, open / laparoscopic gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy, have unique benefits and potential complications.

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