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Published: 26th April 2009
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It's certainly true that laws are needed in the United States to maintain order in our lives. And while most of us can recognize the major laws from state to state, some may fly under the radar because the basis of these laws are so outlandish. Every state has them--laws that are strange, dumb, and downright silly. California paves the way for outrageous laws in their state.

For all you cycling enthusiasts out there, it gets pretty warm during the summer months in California. But if you're looking for a way to cool off, it's best to steer clear of Baldwin Park, where it is against the law to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool.
In any state, drivers should pay careful attention to all the traffic laws, such as giving pedestrians the right-of-way. In Arcadia, pedestrians aren't the only thing drivers need to aware of. Peacocks are given the right-of-way to cross any street as well, including driveways. It may not be a chicken crossing the road, but do your part in keeping the peacocks safe, so they can get to the other side.

Speaking of sharing the road with others, you won't have to worry about herds of cattle in the roadways. In Chico, it's against the law to drive a herd of cattle down a street. It's a sure way to keep gridlock to a minimum. And they are also clearing the traffic on the side as well, as they have outlawed bowling on the sidewalk.

The city of Blythe can even regulate your fashion sense. Cowboy boots are a favorite for many for their stylish nature and variety of designs. But in order to wear them, you better make sure you own at least two cows. It's the law.

While these California laws are crazy and obscure, they are still laws, so remember to make a conscious effort to obey them.

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