Patricia Heaton's Body Make-Over - Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

Published: 17th March 2009
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Celebrities and plastic surgery seem naturally connected. So how come so many deny they have gone under the knife? Why so much shame and secrecy in being mortal and needing a little nip tuck to maintain those Hollywood good looks?

Enter Patricia Heaton. This star isn't about to make other mothers feel in adequate for not looking like her. She freely admits to a total body make-over after motherhood wreaked havoc on her once knockout body.

On the television show Everybody Loves Raymond, Patrica Heaton played a tough talkin' mom with a lot on her plate. In real life Patricia deals with similar circumstances, minus the fact that she is a Hollywood star and not a stay at home mom. That said, Patricia is a mother of four boys and she knows the ins and outs of motherhood and pregnancy.

After Patricia Heaton had each of her kids she happily breast fed them and moved on to the next baby. When she was done with all this motherly bliss, Patricia, like millions of other mothers worldwide was, left with sagging breast, stretch marks, and a tummy that was a mess.

Patricia signed up for what is called a mommy make-over. Patricia Heaton's mommy make-over included a tummy tuck, a breast lift, and contouring liposuction. Patricia's situation was different from most celebrities because she freely advertised her mommy make-over. She didn't want to have women who watch her feeling badly because she looked differently than they did after four pregnancies.

Patricia has had some additional plastic surgery procedures since her mommy make-over, but all of them were to correct problems from her original mommy make-over. Patricia Heaton still advocates and endorses getting a nip here and a tuck there when needed despite her own problems with her original mommy make-over. One wishes that other celebrities were as upfront about their plastic surgery work.

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