Pros and Cons of Saline Breast Implants

Published: 04th November 2008
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When it comes to breast augmentation, not only do plastic surgeons consider various techniques but they also have choices of materials. A very popular choice is saline breast implants, which is a sac filled with saline or a saltwater solution. The two primary benefits of saline mammoplasty are that the breasts are soft and natural looking and if the implant itself were to break, the saline would simply be absorbed by the body without any harm done.

For anyone thinking about having cosmetic surgery in which saline breast implants are used, there are some important things to consider such as:

• While saline breast implants can change a woman's body and build confidence, they are not permanent additions to the body. This means that over many years, the woman would need a replacement of the implant, at that time choosing to leave them out or have them replaced with new implants.

• Some women who go through breast augmentation never need adjustment surgery but often, saline breast implants need to be refilled with the solution to keep them looking beautiful.

• Depending on the technique used while having the saline breast implants put in will have a direct impact on the ability to produce milk needed for breastfeeding.

• Saline breast implants do not correct sagging breasts caused by age or having children. In this case, the plastic surgeon would also perform a breast lift.

• Even the best, board-certified plastic surgeon cannot guarantee perfection. Therefore, a woman having saline breast implants may find that some degree of rippling, waving, or puckering occurs.

• Annual mammograms are more challenging in women who have breast augmentation but this should never stop yearly checkups.

• The cost of plastic surgery may or may not be covered by insurance. Again, the type of implant chosen, technique used, surgeon performing the surgery, the facility used, and any extended aftercare need to be considered in overall cost.

The great thing about saline breast implants is that most women who choose this option are thrilled with the results. They find they feel more confident about their appearance, which boosts overall self-confidence and clothing not only fits better but they also have a much better choice of what can be worn. The first step is finding a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon to discuss whether saline breast implants are the right choice.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery can boost your self-esteem and improve your appearance.

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