Reasons to Get Liposuction Vary

Published: 22nd September 2008
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The reasons people get liposuction are varied despite the fact that most people think the reasons are obvious. The most common reason people get liposuction is to remove fat pockets after diet and exercise did not work. Some people's body shapes and physiology make it impossible or nearly impossible to lose fat in certain parts of their bodies.

For women the most common places to receive liposuction are their stomachs and thighs, for men it is their stomachs and flanks. These are the "problem areas" of many men and women. Most plastic surgeons will recommend you only consider liposuction after you have tried diet and exercise. Liposuction should not be used as a general form of weight loss and weight control.

Though losing the body fat is the fast, short reason people can give for getting liposuction there are generally deeper meanings. Improving self-confidence is one reason stated by patients. Some women and men are self-conscious about their pocket of fat and it impacts their every days lives. Others may want it for purely aesthetic reasons while still others may want to remove it for health reasons (excess fat is a health danger).

You should discuss with your surgeon the reasons you are considering liposuction and what your expectations are. You should also learn the different types of liposuction and the benefits and risks of the procedure or procedures. Often liposuction is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures so it is important to understand all the risks and benefits.

Whatever your reasons for getting liposuction are, make sure you are well informed and make an educated decision on the nature and extent of the liposuction procedure you are considering. Make sure you have explored all the benefits and risks of the procedure and have discussed these with your surgeon.

A plastic surgeon can help you learn more about the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. Find out how liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and other popular plastic surgery procedures can help improve and rejuvenate your appearance.

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