Reasons Why People Get Facelifts

Published: 08th December 2008
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There are plenty of external reasons for getting a surgical facelift. First and foremost there are the effects of aging and gravity that we can't do anything about. Aging alone causes our skin to become thinner, less supple and unattractive. But there are other factors that are within our control. Sun exposure, muscle contractions, frowning, worry, stress, poor nutrition, genetics, air, water, and food pollution can all contribute to unwanted changes over the years. Fortunately, the damage from some of these on-going conditions can be reversed to some degree just by changes in one's lifestyle.

Exposure to the sun should be limited to 20 minutes during early morning or late afternoon, just enough to give your Vitamin D a jump start. Try to eat five portions per day of fruits and raw vegetables from organic sources to avoid ingesting the pesticides and fertilizers used in commercial farming. Air and water filters can help to eliminate many of the contaminants aging your body. And now, there are new studies in microbiology suggesting that even genetic pre-dispositions can be overcome.

But there are other reasons for wanting a facelift, some even more valid. Emotionally, shame and embarrassment are also two strong motivating reasons for getting a facelift. Ashamed to be seen in public, or apply for a work position, or go to affairs or the very worst, school reunions. Lack of self-esteem, inferiority complex, depression are all negative feelings that have been miraculously "cured" by surgical facelifts.

You've heard the expression "beauty is only skin deep," and that's true, for some. However, this "inner beauty" concept that we say is more important than "outer beauty" sounds good, but in real life, who says you have to choose? You can be just as beautiful outside too. Let's face it, there's nothing more uplifting than a successful facelift that takes 20 years off your looks!

Consult a cosmetic surgeon before you decide to undergo nose job surgery, abdominoplasty, or another aesthetic procedure.

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