The Average Cost of Egg Donor Treatment and Financing Options

Published: 16th April 2009
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There are many ways for a couple to tackle their infertility problems. One of these ways is by using an egg donor. Of course, if you are considering this option of egg donation, it is wise that you know how much this process costs in comparison to other infertility treatments.

In vitro fertilization is paired up with this procedure of egg donation. This infertility treatment with the donor eggs will require that a couple acquires eggs from a donor and then they will need to have them placed in the female through in vitro fertilization. Of course, this makes this procedure more expensive than just in vitro fertilization by itself. For one cycle or try, this procedure can cost upwards of twenty-five thousand dollars. For most people, this is not a small amount of money. The recipient couple will be responsible for paying all the costs that are linked to this style of infertility treatment with the donor eggs. Many of these couple will have to seek help from infertility treatment financing. Many insurance providers will not cover any sort of infertility treatments and if they do, it is usually a small amount. There are some fertility clinics that are willing to help their patients work out some sort of payment plan for their treatment.

In vitro fertilization with egg donation pricing can be broken down. For instance, there is the fertility clinic fee, the egg donor fee, administration fee and the short-term medical insurance and legal fees to deal with as well. Whatever clinic a couple chooses, they will have some sort of fee associated with that clinic. Also, if the clinic has to administer any extra medications to the patients while they are there, the clinic will charge those patients extra money. These extra medications can be quite expensive, so be careful. All fertility clinics will vary in price, so be sure that you find the one that is right for you. Be sure to call your insurance provider if you are considering this procedure. Some insurance companies will cover minimal costs, but you will have to research that on your own. There are also shared cost programs that you may be interested in.

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