The Best Celebrity Smiles Did Your Fave Celeb Make the List?

Published: 18th February 2009
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We see them walking the red carpet and smiling for the cameras. We admire their pictures on the cover of magazines, but which celebrity smiles are the best? Which celebrity smile stands out among the sea of magazine photos and movie posters. What celebrity has the smile we all desire?

Brad Pitt When many of us think of the best celebrity smiles, we think of Brad Pitt. Sure, he is a great actor, but the good looks, great body, and killer smile don't hurt either. Hands down he has the best male celebrity smile.

Julia Roberts She may not be cranking out movies the way she did before she took on her most import role as a mom, but that thousand watt celebrity smile hasn't faded. That toothy grin has made Julia the box of hit she has been her entire career, and it is what makes her the best female celebrity smile.

Notable Male Celebrity Smiles When it comes to be a Hollywood heart throb a smile can take you a thousand miles. Not only does funny man Will Smith makes us laugh until our bellies hurt, but his smile charms us right to the box office.

David Beckham was blessed with talent, gorgeous good looks, and a body that is red hot, but his smile is also a gift from above. There is a reason why this soccer star is the go to guy to represent companies around the globe. He is the total package and has set hearts beating from sea to shining sea.

Notable Female Celebrity Smiles Jennifer Garner has that girl next door quality about her that makes her relatable to women and attractive to men. That said, Jennifer Garner also has a smile that lasts for days and that is something that you don't see every day.

Katherine Heigl is Hollywoods newest it girl. She is funny, pretty, and has that old Hollywood glamor about her. Katherine also has a unique and beautiful smile that sets flashbulbs going everywhere she goes.

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