The Best Dazzling Hollywood Smiles in Tinsel Town

Published: 14th November 2009
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There are several things that distinguish Hollywood celebrities from each other and one of those things is a dazzling smile. From times past to the modern era, the best smiles stand out, why look at the Mona Lisa. Some of the modern day Mona Lisa's who have enchanted many with their best Hollywood smile are the following.

Natalie Portman
Whether dressed up in a futuristic outfit for "Star Wars" movies or playing the female lead aside a hero with a mask as in "V for Vendetta," Natalie Portman is one of those Hollywood celebrities, who possess a dazzling smile to go along with her attractive face and lean body. With one of the best smiles in Hollywood, it is no wonder why photographers line up for this star when red carpet time comes rolling in.

Zac Efron
There are some notes that may be a little bit too high for this actor in his popular movie, "High School Musical," but when he sings with his dazzling smile with teeth as white and pearly as his, fans easily forget whatever pitch he may not be able to reach. Good at dancing and a fair actor in his own right, Zac Efron's smile is what clinches the deal for a best Hollywood smile.

Brad Pitt
From perfect hair to a strong jaw line, it's no mystery why Brad Pitt is considered to have one of the best smiles in Tinsel Town. Although cosmetic dentistry is one of the most widely used procedures in Tinsel town, few stars can rival the best Hollywood smile of Brad Pitt.

You needn't be a star to get your own Hollywood smile. If you want your own set of glittering teeth perfectly aligned between your lips, cosmetic dentistry is available. Make sure, however, that you look for qualified dentists who have the experience and the tools to make your dream of a best Hollywood smile possible for you.

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