Top Reasons to get Otoplasty

Published: 16th March 2009
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Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can reshape, resize, repair, or relocate and ear, or add an ear. It is generally done when there are deformities afflicting ones ears but others have sought out otoplasty for more vain reason or just because they are unhappy with the current appearance of their ears.

One common reason an individual would seek out otoplasty is ear deformities. Ear deformities can come in varying degrees of mishap shapes, sizes and missing an ear completely. Microtia is the medical term for small ear deformity that can present in one or both ears. Although microtia has no effect on the individuals hearing abilities, it can cause a heightened self conscious and lowered self-esteem. Anotia is the medical term for the missing ear deformity that can also bring on severe self-esteem issues as well as behavioral and emotional health issues. Otoplasty can correct these deformities as well as protruding or prominent ears, large ear lobes, and non-symmetrical ears.

Surgeons will discuss with a possible patient during consult your current health status, how well you handle anesthesia, and your emotional health. If you check out fine on those items, you are actually a good candidate. Surgeons' concerns are how well you heal, are you prone to blood clotting, and if you are capable of post-op care. Improper post-op care can result in the otoplasty not taking and infections that can lead to damage to the ear they may not be able to be repaired.

Possible candidates range in age from four years old and up. Ears are not fully developed until the age of four, so children under that age do not make good candidates. A good candidate should have a realistic expectation when going in and know what limitations otoplasty has. Possible patient who smoke should quit smoking well before the surgery date. Prior to surgery, candidate should also make sure to eat a healthy diet and limit if not cease drinking alcoholic beverages. Your surgeon will give you a list of medications to avoid and for what length of time prior to surgery date.

There is no wrong age to get otoplasty except under the age of four. The younger the patient the more pliable the cartilage is in the ear which leads to excellent results, but older patients have excellent results as well if the otoplasty post-operative care is tended to properly.

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