Weird, Dumb, and Funny Laws in The State of Illinois

Published: 15th April 2009
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Several states have old, inapplicable laws that still exist in the state's constitution. The State of Illinois is no exception, and here's a list of some of the funny laws that remain in effect there.

Unmarried couples in Illinois, beware: Anyone who has intercourse with another who is not his spouse commits adultery, and anyone who has intercourse with another who is not his spouse commits fornication.

Both of these crimes are Class A misdemeanors. The caveat is that the behavior be open and notorious, but covers anyone with a life partner, significant other, live-in lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, sweetheart... (Statutes 720.11-7 and 720.11-8)

The state of Illinois goes to great lengths to define all the words they use so there is never a misunderstanding on the part of the accused. For instance, "obscenity" is "any material or performance which the average person, applying contemporary adult community standards, would find that, taken as a whole, it appeals to the prurient interest." Who those average folks are, and what community standards they use, is not defined.

If the declining economy has affected your personal finances, beware; you could be charged with vagrancy if you do not carry at least a dollar whenever you leave the house! You are also required to notify law enforcement officials prior to driving a vehicle into any city in Illinois, and you are never, ever, under any circumstances to speak the English language. It's a good thing you paid attention in Spanish class!

And finally, you may never under any circumstances borrow anything from the library using someone else's card, an expired or revoked card, or one that is counterfeit. The State of Illinois does not tolerate fake IDs, even if they are fake library cards! That will be a Class 3 felony if you get caught.

Although these laws are virtually unenforced today, you may be found in violation of them legally. Consulting a specialized attorney can help you should you find you are charged with any of these violations!

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