Weird, Dumb, and Funny Laws of Texas - Hilarious Statutes

Published: 09th September 2009
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Most states have some weird, dumb, or funny laws. Texas has several of them. They are aimed at everything from trains, marriage, and ranching, to encyclopedias and alcohol.

One funny law in Texas determines what happens when two trains meet at a railroad crossing. Both trains must come to a full stop, and neither one shall move again until the other is gone. There must be a lot of trains sitting at railroad crossings waiting for the other to move.

Most of the United States has repealed prohibition. However in Texas some weird laws regarding alcohol still exist. In some places taking more than three sips of beer while standing up, is illegal. Make sure you have a chair handy in case the authorities happen by.

If you plan on visiting Texas for a hunting trip, pay careful attention to the laws. You may not shoot a buffalo from a second story hotel room window. You need to go down stairs before you can shoot the buffalo.

Texas recently passed a weird law aimed at reducing crime. Criminals must give a 24-hour notice to their victims explaining the nature of the intended crime. The notice may be either written or verbal.

An additional funny law in Texas restricts reference materials. The State of Texas has banned the entire collection of Encyclopedia Britannica because it has a recipe for making beer at home.

Ranching is serious business in Texas, but even this noble profession has a dumb law. You may not milk someone else's cow. If your neighbor asks you to watch their livestock while they are out of town, just say no. It's illegal.

Motor vehicle operations have some dumb laws also. When driving in Texas, windshields are not required, but windshield wipers are. You may as well go ahead and install the windshield so the wipers have something to do.

Marriage in Texas has its own dumb law. Introducing a person as your husband or wife three times publicly can mean you are legally married. Be careful what you say in public, you never know whom you may end up married to.

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