What is Female Reproductive Surgery? Is it Right for You?

Published: 16th April 2009
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Female reproductive surgery is defined as any surgical procedure that needs to be performed on the female reproductive organs. Female reproductive surgery can also be used for the treatment of disease, injuries or any sort of deformity.

Female reproductive disorders are sometimes due to anatomic problems of the female reproductive tract that will require some form of surgical corrective procedure. Many women will have abnormalities that can be treated with minimal invasive surgery. For these procedures, laparoscopy or hysteroscopy is used. When using laparoscopy, a small camera is inserted in the belly button and this camera is used to make incisions for corrective surgery. Hysteroscopy is like laparoscopy, but the camera is inserted in the uterine cavity instead. Both of these surgeries are in and out patient surgeries, which is beneficial for the woman having the procedure done.

Fallopian tube abnormalities, uterine abnormalities, ovarian cysts and endometriosis can all require some form of female reproductive surgery. Fallopian tube abnormalities can ultimately lead to the inability to conceive because the male sperm cannot meet the female's egg. These abnormalities may be caused by previous pelvic infections, endometriosis or a previous surgery. Blockages in the fallopian tubes can often be cured with the use of laparoscopy. In the event of severely damaged fallopian tubes, the tubes may have to be removed altogether so the woman has a chance of in vitro fertilization. Uterine abnormalities are severe because the uterus is where the embryo implants itself and develops throughout the pregnancy. These abnormalities will cause a decrease in fertility and may cause miscarriages or other pregnancy complications. These abnormalities can be treated through the use of hysteroscopy. However, some of these abnormalities may require more extensive surgical procedures.

Ovarian cysts are common in women that have matured to reproductive age. Thankfully, these abnormalities can sometimes be resolved on their own without the use of any kind of surgery. Of course, if the cysts are large and have lasted more than three months, a woman will want to seek surgery to rid herself of these cysts. Endometriosis is known to cause these cysts, but these cysts are rarely cancerous. Endometriosis is a condition that can be remedied with laparoscopy, but in severe cases, more advanced surgery is needed.

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