What to do if You Have Suffered from a Botched Rhinoplasty

Published: 13th June 2009
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Those that have rhinoplasty surgery performed do so with the reasonable expectation that the procedure will be performed properly. However, no surgical procedure is perfect and physicians do make mistakes. And even when everything seemingly goes right, complications may occur that undermine the procedure. In short, it is not impossible for rhinoplasty procedures to become botched. At first, this discovery could lead to a great deal of panic. But, panic is not productive. You need to move forward and seek a remedy. That means you need to know the right steps to take when you have undergone a botched rhinoplasty.

Botched rhinoplasty procedures can in all manner of variety. In some instances, the end result is simply just not as aesthetically pleasing as one would prefer. Then, there are more serious problems such as the development of breathing problems as a result of the faulty surgery. Whatever the end result, a botched surgery is a serious matter. That is why the flawed result needs to be corrected and reversed.

First and foremost, it is important to note that follow up surgeries can often correct the initial botched procedure. Of course, how effective the corrective surgery will be based on the competence and experience of the surgeon, the level of damage to the nose, and various other factors. However, there are many cosmetic surgeons who specialize in correcting even the most tragic of rhinoplasty failures.

Of course, not all faulty rhinoplasty procedures result in serious defects. Many times, the resultant problem is minor. Conversely, a minor "touch up" surgery can correct the problem. However, one should not infer that a minor surgical defect is not important enough to correct. Any and all types of botched rhinoplasty surgeries should be taken with the utmost seriousness. The surgery was undertaken for a specific result. If the desired result was not achieved, correcting the problem should take immediate precedence.

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