Who is a Good Candidate for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? Am I?

Published: 16th April 2009
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Reproductive treatments have been growing in popularity at almost an exponential rate within the last few years. This has made people who are having fertility problems take more notice of in vitro fertilization, but who is a good candidate for this sort of treatment?

If you are interested in finding out whether you are an eligible candidate for in vitro fertilization, it is wise to do some research beforehand. Of course, only a doctor can make the final recommendation for this sort of procedure. In this article are some of the requirements that one may need to meet before they can be a good candidate for in vitro fertilization. There are several qualifying factors that a couple will have to meet before they can be eligible for this type of fertility treatment. Do not be disappointed if you do not qualify for in vitro fertilization, as there are many other reproductive treatments.

Women who have endometriosis are almost always automatically eligible for in vitro fertilization. Endometriosis is a condition that causes additional tissues to grow around the uterus and other reproductive organs. These additional tissues interfere with the reproductive organs. If a woman has a severe case of endometriosis it can prevent fertilization altogether. Using in vitro fertilization in these cases allows doctors to bypass the endometriosis. A male with a severely low sperm count is a good candidate for the in vitro fertilization process. In vitro is perfect in this scenario because the doctors can join the egg and sperm manually to guarantee the union of the two. Damaged fallopian tubes or damaged uterus tissues are also qualifying factors for this process. When the female's fallopian tubes or uterus tissues are damaged to certain extents, it is nearly impossible to conceive a child the natural way. In vitro fertilization is sometimes the only option for those women who suffer these sorts of complications. There are some unexplained cases of infertility that in vitro fertilization can treat. In these situations, a doctor will perform as many thorough tests as he or she can but if the results return negative it is another unexplained infertility case.

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