Whos Who Among Famous Dentists Names You Should Know

Published: 06th May 2009
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What we know and understand about the practice of dentistry today has evolved over centuries of contributions from several famous dentists. Many of these contributors were not even known as dentists during their lifetime, but still helped to develop the history of dentistry.

Most of us know John Henry "Doc" Holliday as Wyatt Earp's famous sidekick at the O.K. Corral gunfight. He was known as a gambler, gunfighter, and less commonly as a dentist. At the age of 19, Doc moved to Philadelphia to study dentistry, and opened a practice in Atlanta after graduation. Later, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and moved to Dallas, Texas, where he learned that gambling was much more financially rewarding than practicing dentistry.

Cleft palate sufferers have a lot to thank Norman W. Kingsley, a famous dentist, artist, writer, and sculptor who first contributed to treating this condition. He is commonly referred to as "The Father of Orthodontics."

J.N. Farrar was also called "The Father of Orthodontics," due to his work that suggested moving teeth was possible by using intervals of mild force. This famous dentist also contributed to the field by writing a standard reference text that is still used due to the vast amount of illustrations included.

British psychiatrist Sir James Crichton-Browne became a contributor to the history of dentistry by advocating dental care for children and pregnant women that included using fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

Pierre Fauchard was a French physician fondly called "The Father of Modern Dentistry." Fauchard became a famous dentist when he wrote "The Surgeon Dentist" in 1728, outlining oral anatomy, pathology, and operative methods. This text is still highly regarded as the first complete scientific dentistry explanation.

Harvey J. Burkhart became a famous dentist known for his contributions to developing preventative procedures in the field of dentistry. He also served as the first president of the American Dental Association in 1899.

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