Yes Or No - Did Kevin Costner Get Hair Transplants?

Published: 05th June 2009
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Oscar winning actor Kevin Costner, who swept us away with "Dances With Wolves," was in the same boat as a lot of men his age some years back - he had a lot of hair loss and was going through a midlife crisis at the same time. The well respected star soon became tabloid fodder for both.

We all know Kevin Costner solved his midlife crisis and married a model. But he did not work on the hair loss issue right away. And the tabloids were quick to point out his hair loss. Today, however, Kevin Costner has a whole new natural looking hairline that most think is a hair transplant. His hairline is very natural looking, which is how the hair transplants of today work.

At first glance, it did not seem that Kevin Costner was that upset about his hair loss. He did not do anything to hide it and seemed at ease with himself. By his actions and midlife crisis aside, he appears to be well grounded and not very vain about his appearance. But celebrities are held to a different standard than others as they are in an industry where they are judged on their appearance. Many celebrities today are getting a hair transplant. Hair transplants take healthy follicles and transplant them into the scalp, allowing the cells to take root and grow. Unlike hair plugs of years ago, hair transplants give the person a fully natural hairline that most people will not even realize is a hair transplant.

So did Kevin Costner get hair transplants or not? Judging by photos of before and after that have been printed in the tabloids, he did get a hair transplant to compensate for his hair loss. His hair transplant looks completely natural and is has created a positive change in his appearance. Perhaps we will see him again on the screen - although most people hope he does not make another "Waterworld."

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